Post Mounted EV Charger

How To Install a Post Mounted EV Charger With Effortless Electric

A post mounted EV charger is often the solution for charging in tricky situations, as installing a level 2 EV charger inside or on an exterior wall is not feasible for all EV owners. Some drivers street park their vehicle, and others may park in a lot too far away for the cord to reach the vehicle. Sometimes, obstacles such as a sidewalk necessitate the charger be placed in the parking space. Some people need to mount an EV charger on a post to get level 2 charging at home. At Effortless Electric, we have extensive experience with post mounted EV chargers and will help you if you’re wondering how to install an EV charger on a post at your home or business. 

(Why Level 2? Read more here.

Composite Post Mounted EV Charger
A post mounted Wallbox EV charger for house without driveway

Types of Post Mounted Chargers

Post mounted chargers typically fall into two main categories: Grass/dirt installations and concrete installations. Grass/dirt installations are cheaper as labor-intensive concrete work can be avoided. Project timelines are typically shorter as installers do not have to wait for concrete to cure before mounting the post and charger. Grass installations are cheaper than concrete installation, as a cheaper composite post can be used instead of a metal post.

Metal post mounted on the curb minimizes parking space used by installation

Additional protection is sometimes required to keep vehicles from damaging the equipment. Bollards offer the most protection, but are not always a good aesthetic fit for residential neighborhoods. Wheel stops, or curbs, can be a good aesthetic choice for lower-risk scenarios. We will choose the appropriate protection method depending on the situation and your jurisdiction.

There are 4 main steps for these projects: Permissions/permitting, trenching and exterior work, interior electrical work, and inspections. The actual installation usually takes 2-3 days on site depending on the scope of work. 

Permissions and Permitting

HOAs typically have guidelines for alterations made outside the home. Prior to gathering quotes, it is a good idea to ask your HOA for any guidelines they may have for the installation. This ensures you can comply with your initial proposal and reduce back-and-forth with the HOA. If needed Effortless Electric can send some guidance from other communities to help get you started.

First, a plan for the installation is decided between the contractor and the homeowner. Then a project proposal is typically required by the HOA before allowing the installation. Our project team will draft the proposal for the homeowner and include information to answer the HOA’s questions off the bat. Once the installation is approved by the HOA, Effortless Electric will file the required electrical permitting with your city or county on your behalf. 

Exterior Work

A dedicated 240 volt electrical circuit has to be run out to the charging station location. The electrical trenches typically need to be at least 18” deep from your foundation to the post. Effortless Electric has special tools to help in this process, boring the circuit underneath sidewalks, large roots and more. Once the trench is complete, an electrical conduit will be laid for the circuit and the charging post will be installed. 

Trench for EV Charger Circuit

Interior Work

A new circuit will be added to your main electric panel. Depending on the existing infrastructure, a new panel may need to be installed or the service upgraded to a higher amperage to accommodate the charger. Sometimes, we can install load management devices along with the level 2 charger to avoid costly panel and service upgrades. The new circuit will be routed through your home and drilled through to the exterior.


Some municipalities do not allow the trench to be backfilled until a “Concealment Inspection” is completed. Once the project is completed and the trench has been backfilled, a final electrical inspection will be conducted by your municipality. Municipalities that also require zoning or Right of Way permits to be filed will close these out as well.

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