How To Install a Post Mounted EV Charger With Effortless Electric

Post Mounted EV Charger

A post mounted EV charger is often the solution for charging in tricky situations, as installing a level 2 EV charger inside or on an exterior wall is not feasible for all EV owners. Some drivers street park their vehicle, and others may park in a lot too far away for the cord to reach […]

Here’s Why You Should Install a ChargePoint Home Flex

Choosing a home charger for your electric vehicle (EV) can be hard. There are lots of different options to choose between, and understanding the differences can be complicated. ChargePoint has simplified the process by making their ChargePoint Home Flex charger both top tier in performance and quality. The ChargePoint Home Flex is also universal, meaning […]

What’s the best Tesla charger? The answer may surprise you.

“What’s the best charger for my Tesla?” is a question we get a lot. While the obvious answer may be Tesla’s proprietary Wall Connector, we recommend getting a universal charger for your home instead. Functionality When you’re looking to install the best EV charger for your Tesla, functionality is vital. While the Tesla Wall Connector […]

Don’t Compare EV Charging to Stopping for Gas

Whether you’re the kind of person who doesn’t let your tank get below half full or who waits until your car is running on empty, no one likes stopping for gas. That said, up until now, you haven’t had another choice. Electric vehicles (EVs) change that. An often overlooked aspect of electric vehicle ownership is […]

Businesses and Apartments Should Be Installing EV Chargers Now; Here’s Why.

For the past decade, electric vehicles (EVs) have been touted as the future of transportation. And while we strongly believe that to be true, it’s easy to see why some may have their doubts. EV adoption remains low, around 1%, and that means many people still see them as a novelty. This begs the question, […]