Residential EV Chargin

Residential Installations​

The comfort of home. The best place to charge your electric car.

Turn-key, white glove, full service. Whatever you want to call it, we provide a solution for absolutely every step of your charger install project.

Our residential installation package. 

Charger, installation, permitting, and more.

Let our knowledgeable team help determine the best charging solution based on your needs. We deliver a straightforward, all-inclusive service to plug-in vehicle charger installation at home.

Level 2 and you

If you own or are considering a plug-in vehicle, one of the primary concerns you may have is how to charge your car. Unfortunately a Level 1 charger, which uses a standard wall outlet, will take over 55 hours to fully charge a 250-mile battery. Do you have time for that?

For people who rely on their vehicle, a high-speed Level 2 charger at home is a no brainer. When you wake up in the morning, both you and your vehicle will be set to go.

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The Process


Our plug-in charging experts evaluate your project, discuss your options, quote pricing, and schedule installation at a time that works for you.


We file the required permits, confirm arrival time, and let you know we are on the way.


Our electricians work with you to pick the best location for your charger based on your home layout and how you prefer to park your car. 


Once the install is complete, our electricians show you how the charger works, what the indicator lights mean, and how to reach us if you need any help!


Some counties require an inspection to be completed post-installation. We will let you know if your project will require this. These are carried out by county inspectors.

You're ready to go!

One less thing to worry about so you too can wake up at 100%

Effortless Electric will follow up with you after installation to make sure everything is working as planned, and to remind you to file for any available tax credits and utility rebates.

Ready to charge forward? 

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