Residential Installations​

The comfort of home. The best place to charge your electric car.

Turn-key, white glove, full service. Whatever you want to call it, we provide a solution for absolutely every step of your charger install project.

Our residential installation package. 

Charger, installation, permitting, and more.

Let our knowledgeable team help determine the best charging solution based on your needs. We deliver a straightforward, all-inclusive service to plug-in vehicle charger installation at home.

Level 2 and you

If you own or are considering purchasing a plug-in vehicle, one of the primary concerns you may have is where you’ll charge your car. Unfortunately a Level 1 charger, which uses a standard wall outlet, will take over 55 hours to fully charge a 250-mile battery. Do you have time for that?

For people who rely on their vehicle, a high-speed Level 2 charger at home is a no brainer. When you wake up in the morning, both you and your vehicle will be set to go.

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Ready to charge forward? 

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Cable Management Solutions

Tired of wrapping up your charger’s cord, or perhaps concerned with tripping hazards? Check out our custom overhead cable management for the most convenient home charging station solutions. 

The Effortless Process


After scheduling an estimate, our electric vehicle charging experts arrive at the scheduled time, take measurements for your project, discuss your options, and provide an exact estimate.


We will file permits, gather materials, schedule the installation at a time that is convenient for you, and let you know when we are on the way.


During installation, our expert electricians maintain a high standard of quality, cleverly hiding wires and minimizing cuts to drywall. Cleanliness is important to us and we always leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived.


Once the install is complete, we’ll show you how your charger works, best charging practices, and how to reach us if you need any help!


We check in to make sure your charging system is working as expected and make sure you have the documents you need to file for valuable installation tax credits and rebates.

You're ready to go!

One less thing to worry about so you too can wake up at 100%

Learn more about the Level 2 smart chargers we provide in our one-stop package!

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