ChargePoint is an EV infrastructure company based in Campbell, California. They manufacture EV chargers for residential and commercial use and facilitates the largest EV charging network in the World. ChargePoint operates charging stations in over thirty countries and has over 31,000 publicly available charging stations throughout the US. The firm manufactures level-three DC fast charging stations as well as level-two chargers such as the ChargePoint Homeflex and the CPF50. ChargePoint also develops software that connects drivers to charging stations, allows EV owners to schedule charge times, provide insights on their vehicle’s charging activity, and allows owners of charging programs to monitor and manage their stations.

Company History

ChargePoint was founded in 2007 to fill the need for more robust charging infrastructure that can support the growing adoption of EVs. ChargePoint predominantly tests, develops, and manufactures its chargers in Campbell, California. By 2013, ChargePoint had installed 4,600 charging ports for homes, businesses, and some public stations. By 2017, they had become one of the world’s largest EV charging networks and had over 1,800 commercial and 8,000 residential charging stations. Since then, the company has continued to grow, receiving $240 million in venture funding in 2018, driving its total funding to $1.3 billion, and has continued to expand across the globe.

Home Chargers

ChargePoint Homeflex
Homeflex installed by Effortless Electric on composite post

Made specifically for use at home, the ChargePoint Homeflex is a great option for powering your EV. This sleek charger comes with several advantages that make it one of the best chargers for your home. It is compatible with all EVs, and is capable of a wide range of power settings from 16-50 amp (3.84kW to 12kW) output if hardwired to adjust for your home’s available load capacity.

What else do we love about this charger? It has a convenient holster and built-in cable management to ensure a neat appearance and make sure cords are off the ground when not in use. Additionally, we’ve found this unit to have top of class build quality and cable flexibility, which is important for outdoor installations in the winter. Lastly, the Homeflex’s connected features make it eligible for several utility rebates and incentives, as well as set reminders to plug in, charge when energy is cheapest, find places to charge when on the go, and keep track of all your charging data. Do you want a Homeflex for your home? Read more about our residential installations here!

Effortless Electric Homeflex Warranty Coverage

At Effortless Electric, we offer a three-year free on-site warranty service and support for the ChargePoint Homeflex when installed and purchased through Effortless Electric. If any issues arise with your Homeflex during the warranty period, just give us a call!

Level 2 Commercial and Multi-Family Chargers

ChargePoint CT4000
CT4000 installed by Effortless Electric at local car dealership

The CT4000 is a great option for commercial use and an integral part of ChargePoint’s global network. This Level 2 station offers workers and travelers a seamless way to plug in when away from home and allows for simple monitoring and management by owners. Single or dual-port charger options offer up to 7.2 kW of power each using the standard J1772 connector. They can be pedestal or wall mounted, and offer cable management solutions to ensure a tidy appearance. This smart charger allows station owners to bill users for both time and energy dispensed using the ChargePoint App.

In addition to the CT4000, ChargePoint offers other commercial chargers, such as the CPF50. While similar in appearance to the Homeflex, the CPF50 offers user management and load-balancing for use in multi-family and some commercial applications. Users can be issued RFID cards to utilize the charger, and use can be managed by the station owner accordingly. Multiple pedestal options allow for the chargers to be freestanding, or they can simply be mounted on the wall.

Level 3 EV Chargers

ChargePoint also offers level 3 fast charging options, such as the ChargePoint Express and the Express Plus. These chargers are suitable for use at roadside charging stations, retail, parking, and other commercial uses. Each station can dispense 62kW of power, and the CP Express can deliver up to 500kW to fuel the next generation of EVs. These stations are designed to combine power modules and can retain functionality in the event of a module fault to retain system uptime. These stations offer tap to charge payment, and have cable management solutions built-in.

Are you considering choosing ChargePoint for your residential or commercial installation in the DMV area? Contact us to speak to one of our charging experts today to find the best fit for you!