Connect your JuiceBox to the EV JuiceNet mobile app

Prerequisite steps: Once you have downloaded the “EV JuiceNet” mobile app and created an JuiceNet account, AND connected your JuiceBox to WiFi.

After completing the steps above, follow these instructions to add your JuiceBox to your EV JuiceNet mobile app. When your JuiceBox is connected to WiFi the LED Indicator should be white/very light purple.

Note: The EV JuicieNet mobile app is for residential customers. If you are a commercial customer please contact us for support.

1. Once logged in to the “EV JuiceNet” app, tap Start

2. Select Add a JuiceNet device already connected to a network

3. Select Scan the local network for JuiceNet devices. Note: Make sure your phone is connected to the same WiFi network as the JuiceBox you are trying to connect to.

Note: Unless you purchased your JuiceBox from Effortless Electric, if you need help troubleshooting your unit please contact Enel X directly at +1.844.584.2329.