Add Multiple Users to JuiceBox 40

Adding multiple users to a JuiceBox allows more than one driver to access and use the connected features on the charger.

Note: This article explains how to connect additional users to a JuiceBox that has already been set up with one account. The original user will be referred by as “User 1” and additional users as “User 2”. 

Steps for the additional user (User 2): 

  1. Download and install the “EV JuiceNet” app on your mobile device.

2. Open EV JuiceNet app. Read and then tap to check “I understand and agree to these Terms of Service. Then, tap “Sign In”, which will take you to a login screen where you can select “Sign up now!” to create an account.

3. Create an account by following the on-screen prompts

4. Once logged in to the “EV JuiceNet” app, tap Start

5. Select Add a JuiceNet device already connected to a network

6. Select Scan the local network for JuiceNet devices. Note: Make sure your phone is connected to the same WiFi network as the JuiceBox you are trying to connect to.

7. Select the JuiceBox device to request 4-digit Sharing PIN

8. Enter the 4-digit Sharing PIN (see instructions to get code below for User 1 and select Pair

Steps for already connected user (User 1) to find and share the “Sharing PIN”

Note: These steps should be done AFTER User 2 has requested the 4-digit Sharing PIN

  1. Select the menu button in the top right corner

2. Select Sharing PIN

3. Give this 4-digit PIN to User 2 after they have completed the instructions above.  

4. This completes the addition of the new user. User 1 and User 2 should now both be able to access the JuiceNet app and the available JuiceBox features. 

Note: Unless you purchased your JuiceBox from Effortless Electric, if you need help troubleshooting your unit please contact Enel X directly at +1.844.584.2329.