Own a Tesla? Here’s Why You Should Buy a Universal EV Charger.

As plug-ins grow in popularity, manufacturers have settled on a common charger connector. This connector, the J1772, allows all plug-ins to connect to any Level 2 charger, the same way all gas vehicles can fill up at any gas station. There is, however, one exception: Teslas.

Teslas utilize a proprietary connector, which means only Tesla’s own charger is directly compatible. This allows Tesla to easily direct customers to their Level 2 charger which can be installed at home. Although this doesn’t immediately pose a problem for new Tesla owners, in the long term it is less ideal. 

Current plug-in owners are likely to continue purchasing EVs in the future so they will continue to need a home charger. While some Tesla owners will stick with Tesla, many others will want to switch brands, especially as other manufacturers improve their plug-in vehicles. This means if they currently own a Tesla charger, they would need to purchase a new charger to go with their new car. This is not only inconvenient but also expensive. That said, there is an easy solution.

J1772 connector on the left and the Tesla adapter on the right.

Tesla Adapter

All Teslas come with an adapter allowing them to connect to J1772 connectors. This makes purchasing a Level 2 charger with a J1772 connector the smart choice. These chargers are just as efficient as Tesla’s proprietary charger but ensure compatibility with future plug-ins. Plug-ins are the future, so why not plan for it?

The Tesla adapter simply clips onto the J1772 connector.
This images shows how the Tesla adapter (right) connects with the J1772 connector (left).

If you are interested in getting a charger with a J1772 but own a Tesla, we can provide a Tesla adapter if you want one to keep with your charger. Learn more about our installations here.

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