“Right to Charge” Bill Passed in Virginia!

We have exciting news for current and future plug-in vehicle owners. Virginia passed Senate Bill 630 (SB 630), easing the restrictions on the installation of chargers. The bill, referred to as the “Right to Charge Bill,” will go into effect July 1, 2020. 

The legislation will prohibit Virginia homeowners associations (HOAs), condominium associations, and proprietary lessees (housing cooperatives) from imposing unreasonable restrictions on owners who would like to install electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment at their unit or assigned parking space. Specific to HOAs, the legislation prevents unreasonable restrictions to exterior installations on the owner’s property or in common areas of the development. In regard to condo associations and housing co-ops, installation must comply with “reasonable architectural standards,” as well as applicable building codes and safety standards.

What this means for residents: 

  • Your association may not restrict you from installing EV charging equipment.
  • You may be required to adhere to specific design standards, codes, and insurance requirements. 

What this means for HOAs, condo associations, and housing co-ops: 

  • You must allow your residents to install EV charging equipment.
  • You may require reasonable design standards and impose reasonable restrictions on the number, size, place, and manner of EV charging equipment on the exterior of an owner’s property or in common spaces. 

The team at Effortless Electric can help both residents and community associations develop a standardized plan for installations of electric vehicle charging equipment across your community. Alongside our experienced electricians, our in-house designers can draft 3D drawings and plans to develop an aesthetically pleasing design protocol for installations. 

Do you need help working with your association? Contact the team at Effortless Electric to work on your behalf with your community association to develop a plan so you too can enjoy fast, convenient charging at home. 

Are you an association? Contact us for help developing a standardized design plan for your residents, as well as steer you in the right direction to make sure you have the proper legal documents and insurance in place.

Installations before December 31, 2020 are likely eligible for a federal tax credit. Learn more.

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