Pepco Residential Charger Rebate Program Expanded

Pepco has updated their Residential Charger Rebate Program to include more Level 2 chargers. This rebate program offers $300 to Pepco customers who install a qualified Level 2 charger which now includes Enel X’s JuiceBox family. 

Customers living in single-family homes (either attached or detached) with secure Wi-Fi, who agree to share charging data with Pepco are eligible to participate. The list of qualified chargers includes:

ChargePointHome Flex
​Enel XJuiceBox Pro 32
Enel X​JuiceBox Pro 40
​Enel X ​JuiceBox Pro 48

With the addition of Enel X JuiceBox chargers, more Pepco customers can now take advantage of this rebate. This rebate is limited and only available while funding lasts. Once your Level 2 charger from the list above is installed, apply for the rebate by completing this form and submitting it to

This rebate can be used alongside the Maryland Energy Association’s (MEA) Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Rebate Program and a federal tax credit, the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit. The MEA ESVE rebate covers 40% of the costs (up to $700) of purchasing and installing a Level 2 charger in Maryland. The federal tax credit provides 30% off (up to $1000) of the cost of purchase and installation of EVSE. By combining these incentive programs, Pepco customers in Maryland may be eligible to receive up to 70% + $300 off of Level 2 charging station installations.  

Here’s the break down: 40% MEA rebate + 30% federal tax credit + $300 Pepco rebate (up to a total of $2000 off)

Additionally, Pepco customers who drive an electric vehicle may be eligible for Pepco’s whole house time of use rate. By adjusting energy usage to off peak hours including charging an EV, customers are billed a lower rate thereby saving on their electricity bill. To apply for this program email

We help our customers identify incentives they may be eligible for and provide them with the information necessary to apply for them. Learn more about EV tax credits and rebates here.

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