Maryland Department of Energy Expected to Announce Updated EV Charger Rebate Program Tomorrow

July 25th (Effortless Electric) – The Maryland Energy Administration has announced that it has used up its available funding for the Fiscal Year 2023 EVSE Rebate Program. This means that applicants for the EVSE Rebate Program will no longer receive rebate funds for the remainder of the fiscal year 2023, however may apply to the 2024 fiscal year funding pool, should it be renewed. 

The Maryland Energy Administration has announced that details regarding the fiscal year 2024 EVSE program should be released on or around July 26, 2023. If you believe you will qualify for the 2024 EVSE program, you are still welcome to apply, and your application will be retained and processed in fiscal year 2024. If you applied for EVSE rebate and were waitlisted, however, you may be required to submit a new application. The anticipated budget for the fiscal year 2024 program is expected to be around $1.8 million dollars, the same as the previous budget. Applications are received on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you believe you will qualify for the new EVSE Rebate Program, we recommend applying as soon as possible.

The EVSE Rebate Program provides funding to eligible applicants who are installing EV charging stations. The rebate may cover up to 40% of the costs, up to 700 dollars for residential installations, and $5,000 for commercial installations, of acquiring and installing EV charging stations. The Maryland Energy Administration has rolled out this program to reduce the financial burdens of installing EV charging stations and increase EV adoption to meet the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Stay tuned for updates regarding the details of the new fiscal year 2024 EVSE Rebate Program, expected tomorrow, July 26th!

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