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Level 2 Chargers Are Perfect for Your Home: Here’s Why

One of the first questions prospective plug-in buyers have is “How will I charge my car?” While most plug-in cars come with a Level 1 (120v) charger, upgrading to an installed Level 2 (240v) charger unlocks their full potential. Level 2 chargers are up to 9x faster than Level 1 chargers, which, for a 250 mile range battery, is the difference between charging from empty to full overnight versus over two days with a Level 1 charger.

To better understand, let’s consider a fully electric vehicle. A Level 1 charger may be sufficient for people relying on their car for very short daily commutes; however, they would constantly be running the risk of running out of battery. After purchasing a Level 2 charger, these same EV owners would be able to fully charge their batteries overnight, allowing them to utilize their vehicles’ full range everyday. Forget gas stations, and with an installed system at home, there is no need to worry about stopping at a charging station.

Similarly, Level 2 chargers offer benefits to Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) as well. Many PHEVs have electric-only ranges of only about 30 miles. Shorter commutes and daily errands can be completed with a quick top up on a home Level 2 charger. Drop the kids off at school in the morning, run to the hardware store, charge up and regain your full electric range once again for afternoon errands.

As electric vehicles gain traction, additional benefits stem from owning a Level 2 charger. Installing a Level 2 charger adds value to homes as prospective purchasers are increasingly looking for efficient home charging. Additionally, if extended family members or friends come to visit and own an EV or PHEV they will be grateful to be able to conveniently charge. 

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