The Best Home Charger Setup for the Volkswagen ID.4: A Complete Guide

One of the best things about owning an electric vehicle (EV) is the convenience that comes with charging it at home. Starting every day with a full battery is a luxury everyone should enjoy. That said, most of the time it’s not quite as simple as it seems. That’s why we’ve put together this guide specifically for the new Volkswagen ID.4 so you know what to expect when charging your Volkswagen ID.4.

Level 1 Charging

Usually one of the first questions people have is doesn’t my car come with a charger? While the answer is yes, the included charger is what’s known as a Level 1 charger. Level 1 chargers plug into standard 120V wall outlets which means everyone can use them at their homes. That being said, relying on 120V outlets does come with a drawback: charging speed. Level 1 chargers take multiple days to fully recharge EVs, and the Volkswagen ID.4 is no exception. Fully charging the ID.4 with a Level 1 charger would take approximately 60 hours. Clearly, this isn’t a practical solution for most people. Fortunately, there is a good solution, a Level 2 charger.

Level 2 Charging for the Volkswagen ID.4 

Charging port for the VW ID.4 with slot for J1772 connector and CCS DC Fast Charging connector.

Level 2 chargers are the ideal solution for charging at home. With a Level 2 charger you can comfortably recharge your car overnight, ensuring that you always wake up with a full charge. In fact you can get Level 2 chargers that are able to deliver more power than your car can accept. Every EV battery has an onboard charger. The onboard charger is what actually delivers the power to the battery and, consequently, is the limiting factor in how fast a car can charge. This maximum charging speed is referred to as acceptance rate, and is measured in kilowatts (kW). 

Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rate is the first thing to consider when choosing a Level 2 EV charger for the Volkswagen ID.4. This will allow you to ensure the EV charger you get is capable of charging your ID.4 as fast as possible. The Volkswagen ID.4’s acceptance rate is 11kW. This means that in order for you to get the fastest charge times possible, your Level 2 charger must be able to deliver at least 11kW of power.

ChargePoint Home Flex

What does this mean in terms of charging hardware? We recommend the ChargePoint Home Flex. It can be hardwired when installed, and this configuration is able to supply 11.5kW of power. Since 11.5kW is greater than the acceptance rate of 11kW, you’ll get the quickest charger possible for the Volkswagen ID.4 with this Level 2 charger. Specifically, charging at the full 11kW, the Volkswagen ID.4 should charge from empty to full in approximately 8 hours. 

Furthermore, the ChargePoint Home Flex is one of our favorite all around chargers with lots of practical features great for everyday use. You can read more about it here.

Level 3/DC Fast Charging

The VW ID.4 can charge at Electrify America’s DC Fast Chargers.

At this point you may be thinking to yourself, haven’t I heard auto manufacturers mention 0-80% charger times in half an hour? Yes, many car manufacturers love to market these charging figures even though they only apply when using Level 3 chargers, also commonly referred to as DC Fast chargers. These chargers utilize direct current (hence the DC fast charger name) and consequently bypass the onboard charger. This allows for significantly faster charging times. In the case of the Volkswagen ID.4, it can accept up to 125kW of DC power. This means you can charge the car to 80% in around 40 minutes with a Level 3 charger. 

To many, this sounds fantastic, and it is, but Level 3 chargers are not meant for charging the Volkswagen ID.4 at home. Level 3 chargers use enormous amounts of electricity, often more than many homes are supplied with. Additionally, they are exceedingly expensive, often costing as much as the car itself, and that’s excluding the installation. Finally, using a Level 3 charger too frequently can actually negatively impact battery longevity. For all these reasons, Level 3 chargers are not a viable option for charging your VW ID.4 at home. That said, they are a great option when you need to charge on a road trip. Conveniently, they are often found at rest stops, but make sure to plan out charging stops if you’re going on a road trip longer than your car’s range. 

Charging the VW ID.4 at Home

In summary, the best way to charge your Volkswagen ID.4 at home is with an installed Level 2 charger. A Level 2 charger delivering 11kW or more to your VW ID.4 will ensure it charges as fast as possible. This means you can fully charge overnight and start everyday with a full battery. If this sounds appealing to you, contact us to schedule a free quote. We’ll take care of your charging needs so you can make the most of your new Volkswagen ID.4!

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