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Dominion Energy Launches Major Electric Vehicle Incentive Program: SCIP

Whether you’re looking to install an electric vehicle charger at home or at your business, costs can add up. Installing electric vehicle infrastructure can be expensive; however, with available rebates and incentives, now may be one of the most affordable times to get the job done. 

With the goal of incentivizing EV adoption, governments and electric utilities are offering programs to encourage charger installations. To learn more about options you may be eligible for, click here

Virginia power utility provider, Dominion Energy, recently launched the Smart Charging Infrastructure Pilot Program (SCIP) for their Virginia customers, and the application portal is now open. 

As a utility company, Dominion is working to learn more about how and when EV chargers are used. Their goal is to learn and better serve the needs of the many EVs we’ll see on the roads in the coming years. Rebates are available in four tiers: Multi-Family, Workplace, DCFC (direct current fast charging), and Transit.

Dominion SCIP details
Breakdown of Multi-Family and Workplace Rebate Coverage

Multi-Family Rebate

Adding charging stations for tenants at apartment buildings and condominiums is a quickly growing amenity in the multi-family real estate market. Dominion Energy’s new program will help property managers and developers expand this sought after resource.

Multi-family Dominion Energy customers can apply for up to $15,000 in funding per site for the installation of a single charging station, with an additional $4,000 in funding for additional charging stations (up to 4 total stations). Applicants for multi-family buildings must have 10 tenants to be eligible. Installed stations must be on Dominion’s list of approved chargers, networked, and have dual port charging capabilities.

Approved applicants will receive up to $9,000 in make-ready infrastructure per site (sub-metering, breaker panel upgrades, trenching and wiring to the charger’s location, and installation) and $2,000 in networking funding per charger (network subscription to collect and share data is required for 5 years). With the additional $4,000 in funding per charging station, a multi-family applicant could receive up to $33,000 in project funding by installing 4 dual port stations (8 charging ports total per the dual port station requirement).

Workplace Rebate

Many businesses over the past few years have added workplace charging as a perk for their employees. While the coronavirus pandemic has sent workers home for the majority of 2020, many will inevitably be back to the office soon enough. Forward thinking business owners and facility managers will be prepared by taking advantage of this great opportunity to add electric vehicle charging infrastructure while projecting a modern and environmentally friendly image. 

The Workplace rebate is similar to the Multi-Family detailed above, with a requirement of 10 full time employees instead of residents. The per-station rebate, however, is only $2,700, but the maximum number of stations is increased to 10. An eligible workplace could receive up to $13,700 in funding for a single dual-port station installation, with a maximum of $56,000 if 10 dual port stations were installed (20 total charging ports).

DCFC and Transit Rebates

It is also worth mentioning that Dominion Energy is offering substantial rebates for DC fast chargers (also known as Level 3 chargers) for public use and transit systems.. DC fast chargers can replenish roughly 80% of a modern electric car’s battery in around 40 minutes and are often found at rest stops and in areas drivers travel long distances. The rebate structure is similar to those described above but also includes funding for adding utility to panel infrastructure. More information can be found on Dominion Energy’s website.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of these rebates while they last, contact us for a free quote to get started today!

Utility Infrastructure
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Customer Infrastructure
(per site)
Network Fee
(per charger)
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Chargers per SiteMin = 1, Max =4Min = 1, Max = 10Min = 2, Max = 4Min = 1, Max = 6
Rebates by Category and Type

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