JuiceBox EV Charger by Bike Shed

BGE Residential Charger Rebate Program

Is BGE your power company? If so, you could be eligible for a $300 rebate if you install a qualified Level 2 charger. This rebate is part of their EVsmart Program.

BGE customers living in either attached or detached single family homes with secure home WiFi (hotspots not sufficient) can apply for the rebate. In order to qualify, customers must also agree to share charging data with BGE. The qualified chargers are:

ManufacturerModel #
ChargePointHome Flex
​Enel XJuiceBox Pro 32
Enel X​JuiceBox Pro 40
Siemens​VersiCharge IEC
Tesla-compatibleMultiple manufacturer options

To apply for the rebate after your Level 2 charger has been installed, complete this form and email it to EVsmart@bge.com. This rebate is limited and only available while supplies last.

Time of Use Rate

BGE customers should also consider enrolling in the Vehicle Charging Time of Use Rate. This program allows electric vehicle owners using one of the qualified chargers above to pay a reduced rate when charging during off-peak hours. Customers enrolled in this program can save approximately $120 if they drive 15,000 miles per year. To learn more about this program and register click here.

Additional Federal and State Incentives

Furthermore, if you have an installed Level 2 charger, you are likely eligible for additional rebates and tax credits. The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit is a federal tax credit available throughout the United States through the end of 2020. It covers 30% of the cost of installing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (ESVE) up to a maximum of $1000 back.

Finally, BGE customers living in Maryland may be eligible for Maryland Energy Association’s (MEA) Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate Program. The MEA ESVE covers 40% of the costs of purchasing and installing a Level 2 charger in Maryland up to a maximum of $700. These programs can be combined to great effect, thereby making Level 2 charger installations much more affordable. 

40% MEA rebate + 30% federal tax credit + $300 BGE rebate (up to a total of $2000 off).

If you have questions about which incentives you may be eligible please contact us or click here to learn more.

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