Ford Plug-In and Electric Vehicle Charger Installations

Ford Enters the Electric Vehicle Market

Ford has been selling cars for over a century. When they launched the Model T, they became the first company to mass produce an affordable car and they quickly established themselves as a key player in the market. Their prominent place in the market continues today, and as electric vehicles (EV) grow increasingly popular, Ford is not going to be left behind. Based on their first announced forays into the EV market, it is clear Ford is putting their best foot (or perhaps wheel) forward!

The significance of their first launch, the Mustang Mach-E can be found in the name. Ford doesn’t put the name “Mustang” on just any car, so clearly they are confident in their new all electric, midsize SUV. There is every reason to believe they are correct. While there are a variety of models available with slightly different specs, they all come with some great features. With 0-60mph times as low as 3.5 seconds and ranges between 211 and 305 miles depending on the specific model, the Mach-E is more than capable for most drivers. The interior is also luxurious with a large touchscreen display as the centerpiece. Though it’s a midsize SUV it also packs plenty of space with 29 cubic feet in the trunk and don’t forget the frunk. Though quiet in comparison, this Mustang will still be comfortable and very fun to drive.

An important question for all Mustang Mach-E owners is, “how will I charge my Mach-E?” Effortless Electric is here to help. We offer an all-inclusive Level 2 EV charger installation for the Mustang Mach-E. Our one-stop EV charger package includes Level 2 charging hardware that is universally compatible (we also install OEM charging hardware if that is your preference), the full-service installation, and information for government and utility incentives you may be eligible for. We’ll make your Ford Mustang Mach-E Level 2 EV charger installation a smooth and easy process ensuring you can focus on enjoying your new car instead of fretting over charging. Our Ford Mustang Mach-E Level 2 Charger installs are available in the Washington DC metro area which includes Northern Virginia and nearby Maryland.

That said, Ford isn’t stopping with the Mach-E. They have also announced an all electric F-150 pickup truck coming in 2022. Ford has promised it will be the fastest and most powerful F-150 ever built. If you need even more cargo space than on a pickup, look out for the all electric Ford Transit called the E-Transit. Ford also hopes to launch the E-Transit in 2022. Clearly, Ford sees the future as electric!

Why trust Effortless Electric with your Ford Mauch-E Charger Station Installation?

  • Our business is all about electric vehicle charging
  • We know what Ford plug-in vehicles need, whether it’s the Mach-E or the all-electric F-150 you plan to buy in a few years, we will help you get the ideal future proof solution setup that’s right for your car and your home
  • Straightforward, competitive pricing
  • We sell and install the Ford Mobile Charger and the Ford Connected Charge Station as well as aftermarket charging station solutions
  • We’ll help you realize any and all available rebates for installing high-speed charging at home

Ford Mach-E*

*These stats are for the Select model

230 mi


68 kWh


11.5 kW


150 kW


Level 1

~52 hours




Level 2

~6.5 hours




Level 3

~38 mins




Disclaimer: Charge times are estimates only and depend on many factors including vehicle options, battery conditions, weather, installed charger amperage and more. Prices listed are estimates and are dependent on local utility rates or pricing structure at public charging stations.

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