EV Charger Installation in Vienna, Virginia

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly gaining market share in the automotive industry. Currently there are over 1 million EVs on the roads in the US with projections putting that number at over 8.5 million by 2025. With more auto manufacturers entering the EV market, these numbers may grow even faster. The added competition between startups like Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid Motors and legacy manufacturers like Ford, GM, and Volkswagen has improved EV technologies like EV batteries and hence range while simultaneously driving down prices. While this is great for consumers, they also benefit from improved charging infrastructure. At Effortless Electric, we have undertaken the mission to make the adoption of EVs seamless. We accomplish this by offering an all-inclusive, turnkey EV charger installation package for residential and commercial customers in Vienna, VA. We ensure our installation package meets the needs of you and your car and use professional and fully licensed electricians.

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We make it simple and easy to install EV chargers by offering both charging hardware and installation solutions. We’ll assess your project, fulfill permit requirements, schedule the installation, and follow up with rebates and incentives. You can sit back, relax, and look forward to fast and convenient charging.

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One-Stop Home EV Charger Installation in Vienna, Virginia

Home is the best place to charge. Say goodbye to gas stations, with a high-speed Level 2 EV charger installed at home you can wake up with a full battery everyday. You may wonder, why not use the charger that came with your car. This charger, known as a Level 1 charger, is useful for emergencies as it uses a standard, 120V outlet but that’s also the main drawback. Being limited to standard outlets means these chargers are incredibly slow. Fully charging a standard, 250 mile range battery takes over 55 hours with a Level 1 charger. Level 2 chargers on the other hand are up to 9x faster, easily fully charging the same car overnight. This means you can wake up everyday to a full battery ready for your commute, errands, or bigger adventures. Level 2 chargers require professional installation as they need a dedicated 240V circuit.

That’s where Effortless Electric fits in. Instead of dealing with the hassle of researching chargers and booking an electrician, we offer a turnkey, full-service Level 2 EV charger installation package. Our package includes Level 2 charging hardware, permits, the installation itself, and information on tax credits and utility rebates you may be eligible for. If you’re looking to get the most out of your EV you need to have a Level 2 EV charging station installed at your home in Vienna, VA. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a free estimate.

All-Inclusive Commercial EV Charging Station Installation in Vienna, Virginia

Your business can benefit from offering customers and/or employees EV charging. It’s increasingly likely that customers or employees drive EVs, and that means that they’ll see EV charging as an amenity. The best explanation is via an example. If you drive an EV and are choosing between two identical businesses but one offers charging, that will typically be the one you choose. In reality of course, other factors come into play as well but EV charging can be a tipping point for EV owners and there are more EV owners everyday. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attract new customers and build more goodwill with your current ones. Furthermore, EV owners who make use of your business’ charging stations will generally spend more time in store. Many businesses see a correlation between time spent in store and dollar amount spent. If you’re concerned about increased electrical cost or people charging during non business hours, that’s part of our solution.

Effortless Electric’s turnkey commercial EV charging package for businesses in Vienna, VA addresses all aspects of your project. We’ll discuss options for pricing use of your chargers so you can break even on electrical costs or even profit. Our commercial charging hardware also can be set up so it is only operational during business hours thereby eliminating the risk of after hours use. As with our home charger installation packages, we provide EV charging hardware, secure required permits, perform the installation, and inform you of tax credits and rebates your business may be eligible for. Getting EV charging for your business can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Let Effortless Electric prepare you for the rapidly growing EV future. Contact us today with questions or to book a free estimate.