EV Charger Installation in Rockville Maryland

High Speed Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Rockville, Maryland

1 in 5 Americans say their next car will be fully electric. That’s about 50 million cars and as more electric vehicles (EVs) take to the roads, that number will continue to grow. To prepare for the surge in electric transportation, EV charging infrastructure must be ready to meet the oncoming demand. That’s where Effortless Electric can help. Our goal is to make EV adoption seamless by offering an all inclusive electric vehicle charger installation package. Our package covers all the necessities for fast, efficient EV charging, allowing you to focus on enjoying your car. We perform all our installations with electricians experienced in installing EV chargers, and who are fully licensed in Rockville, MD. We offer both commercial and residential EV charger installation packages.

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We make it simple and easy to install EV chargers by offering both charging hardware and installation solutions. We’ll assess your project, fulfill permit requirements, schedule the installation, and follow up with rebates and incentives. You can sit back, relax, and look forward to fast and convenient charging.

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Full Service High-Speed EV Charger Installation Package for Home in Rockville, Maryland

The best place to charge is at home. With an installed Level 2 home charger, it’s like having a gas station at home and filling up every night. It may not seem like a game changer, but when you wake up to a full charge everyday you truly unlock the convenience of an EV. Not having to squeeze in gas stops at inopportune moments is a very nice benefit. So why do you need to install a Level 2 charger rather than just use the charger included with your car? The included charger, called a Level 1 charger, uses a standard 120V wall outlet. While this is undoubtedly convenient, it also means it’s incredibly slow.

Imagine trying to charge your car with your phone charger; you would expect it to take a while. To be exact, a standard 250 mile range EV battery would take over 55 hours to fully charge. Fortunately, Level 2 chargers offer an excellent solution. These chargers rely on a dedicated 240V circuit, hence the need for professional installation, and consequently offer a much faster charge. That same 250 mile battery could fully charge overnight. After reading this, you should think a Level 2 charger is a must when it comes to living practically with your new EV, but you may be thinking it sounds like a bit of a hassle to get installed. At Effortless Electric, we recognized this problem and we’re here to  offer a solution.

Effortless Electric provides a one-stop, all-inclusive EV charger installation package that includes everything you’ll need for Level 2 charging at home. Every package includes charging hardware (unless you already have your own), permits, the installation itself, and information on rebates and tax credits you may be eligible for. That said, we understand not every project is the same and can tailor specifics to your needs. For example we offer an overhead cable management system for customers who want to ensure their garage is as neat as possible at all times. Let us get you set up with an EV charging station installation package for your home in Rockville, MD. Fill out the form on this page to get a free estimate, or contact us with any questions.

Commercial EV Charging Installation All-Inclusive in Rockville, Maryland

Attract customers or employees to your business by offering EV charging. As more EVs take to the road everyday, an increasingly large portion of your customer base are EV drivers. Keep them happy and bring in new customers by putting your business on the map as one that offers EV charging. As part of our all inclusive package, we’ll work with you to set up the chargers so you can recoup the cost of electricity (or even profit if that’s your preference) and ensure the chargers can’t be used when your business is closed. Our package also includes the charging hardware itself, permitting, installation, and information about tax credits and rebates your business may be eligible for. Don’t miss out on the chance to draw new customers or employees, install EV charging at your business in Rockville, MD today and stand out from the competition. Schedule an estimate by filling out the form on this page or contact us for more info.