Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Montgomery County

One stop Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Service in Potomac, Maryland

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are one of the fastest growing trends in the auto industry and broadly considered the future of mobility. Today there are more than a million EVs on the roads in the US and that number is expected to rapidly grow with more options coming to market from the likes of Tesla, Ford, Volvo, Rivian, and GM to name just a few. A vital component to the effective transition to EVs is robust charging infrastructure. When people buy a gas powered car, they don’t think about how they will refuel it. The same should be true for EV buyers. That’s what Effortless Electric aims to do by offering a comprehensive EV charging package. Our package includes everything necessary to start efficiently charging your EV, ensuring you can focus on enjoying your car instead of worrying about charging. All our installations are performed by electricians licensed to operate in Potomac, MD and experienced in EV charger installs. We install EV chargers for both residential and commercial clients.

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We make it simple and easy to install EV chargers by offering both charging hardware and installation solutions. We’ll assess your project, fulfill permit requirements, schedule the installation, and follow up with rebates and incentives. You can sit back, relax, and look forward to fast and convenient charging.

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Turnkey EV Charger Installation for Homes in Potomac, Maryland

By far the best place to charge your car is at home overnight. Make use of the time your car is just sitting by ensuring it’s fully charged and ready to take you anywhere you need to be. To make this a practical reality you’ll need to install a Level 2 EV charger. You may think why not just use the one included with my car, otherwise known as a Level 1 charger. The simple answer is Level 1 chargers are only a last resort. While convenient that they use a standard 120V wall outlet, this also makes them extremely slow. It takes over 55 hours to fully charge a 250 mile range EV battery with one. If you use your car everyday, this is not a viable charging solution. Thankfully, Level 2 chargers offer faster charging speeds, fully charging the same 250 mile range battery overnight. This faster charging stems from the fact that they use a dedicated 240V circuit, but this does come with the drawback that they must be installed by an electrician. We understand installation comes with inconvenience, and that’s where we enter the picture.

Effortless Electric was founded on the idea that EV charging should be effortless. We understand that many EV buyers don’t have the time or interest to research the best EV chargers for their car or find an electrician experienced in such installs. Furthermore, while many people know about tax credits for their actual electric vehicle, less know that their charger may also qualify for credits and rebates. Our solution is to wrap all this and more into a single, one stop, full service EV charger installation package for homes in Potomac, MD. That said, we also know that all homes are different and so we are happy to engage with clients to tailor each project to your specific needs. A great example is our optional overhead cable management system allowing customers to keep their floor completely clutter free. If you have any questions, reach out to us, or use the form on this page to schedule a free estimate today.

High-Speed EV Charger Installation in Potomac, Maryland for Businesses

Your business can benefit by offering EV charging as an amenity to customers and employees. EV owners enjoy the convenience of being able to top up their battery’s charge while doing some shopping, and employees like leaving work fully charged. Don’t get caught out as the last business to offer charging. There’s still time to be ahead of the curve and draw customers as a result. If you have concerns about recouping the cost of electricity or people charging overnight, we have solutions for you. Effortless Electric can offer state of the art charging hardware with software that allows you to set prices for charging so you can break even or profit. Additionally, you can see the chargers to only function for employees for example, or to turn off during non business hours. Our all inclusive commercial EV charging station installation package includes charging hardware, permits, installation, and information on tax credits and rebates your business may be eligible for. Prepare for the future with an commercial EV charger installation in Potomac, MD today. Schedule a free estimate today or contact us for more information.