Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Ashburn Virginia

One Stop Electric Vehicle Home Installation Package in Ashburn, VA

Everyday it seems like another major auto manufacturer announces their plans to begin fully transitioning towards only offering electric vehicles (EVs). We’re already seeing an enormous surge in EV adoption and that trend will only accelerate further. One in five drivers say their next car will be electric. As a result, ensuring there is adequate EV charging infrastructure to support this rapidly expanding demand is vital. That’s where Effortless Electric fits in. Our goal is to make the adoption of electric vehicles seamless. Simple, reliable, and fast charging is key to this mission. So in order to address that we offer an all-inclusive EV charger installation package for both residential and commercial clients. All of our EV charger installations are performed by electricians with experience installing EV chargers and that are licensed to work in Ashburn, Virginia.

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We make it simple and easy to install EV chargers by offering both charging hardware and installation solutions. We’ll assess your project, fulfill permit requirements, schedule the installation, and follow up with rebates and incentives. You can sit back, relax, and look forward to fast and convenient charging.

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Turnkey EV Charger Installation Package for Homes in Ashburn, Virginia

Home is the best place to charge your EV. Make the time your car spends parked useful by plugging it in so next time you drive you have a full charge. It really is a nice feeling to never have to squeeze in a stop for gas into your busy schedule. In order to make this a reality, you will need to install a Level 2 charger. While every EV does come with a charger most simply plug into standard, 120V wall outlets. These chargers are referred to as Level 1 chargers and are impractically slow. To charge a near empty car back to a full battery typically takes 2 to 3 days. Installing a Level 2 charger cuts that down to a full charge overnight. Unlike Level 1 chargers, Level 2 chargers use a 240V circuit, thereby allowing them to provide significantly faster charge times. That said, this does require installation and that’s where Effortless Electric enters the picture. 

We offer an all-inclusive, turnkey EV charger installation package for homes in Ashburn, VA. Our package includes the charger itself, any required permits, the installation of the charger, and information about tax credits and rebates you may be eligible for. We know that each home is different and therefore work with you to ensure all your needs are met. For example we offer an overhead cable management system for customers who want to ensure their garage is perfectly neat. Let Effortless Electric make EV charging at home easy. Fill out the contact form on this page to schedule a free estimate.

High Speed EV Charger Installations in Ashburn, Virginia for Businesses

With more EVs taking to the road everyday, businesses stand to gain a lot by offering EV charging to their customers. Given the choice, EV owners generally prefer to park somewhere with access to a charger in case they want to top up their battery. Consequently, this means offering EV charging can be a great way to attract new customers and build even greater loyalty with existing ones. Stores that offer charging for customers also find that customers spend more time in store shopping and this leads to more items purchased. A common question is won’t offering charging cost the business a lot in electricity? The commercial charging stations we offer have adjustable pricing built in so you can ensure you break even or even profit from charging sessions. Furthermore you can restrict who has access to the stations so only employees for example can use them, or they can be open to anyone but only during business hours.

If you have other needs we’ll work with you to ensure they are taken care of. As with our residential package, our commercial package is all-inclusive and includes charging stations, permits, the installation of the chargers, and information of rebates and tax credits your business may be eligible for. Contact us today via the form to get started!