Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Arlington Virginia

Electric Vehicles (EV) are rapidly gaining market share with 1.7 million sold in 2020. Projections suggest that that number will grow massively over the coming decades, with estimates putting the number sold per year at 54 million in 2040. But with this transition away from gas powered vehicles comes an important question: how to charge? It’s easy to glaze over this question assuming it’s like any other battery powered device you have, just plug it into your regular outlets. While that is possible, the charging speed will be painfully slow taking several days to fully charge your car. Fortunately there is a great solution that allows for overnight charging but it does require a more powerful circuit which is where we come in.

Part of the appeal of EV ownership is the it just works aspect and charging should be no different. Owners want to be able to just plug their car in overnight and know they will be at full charge when they wake up. That’s where Effortless Electric comes in. Rather than forcing new EV owners to research charging options, order their own charging hardware, find an electrician experienced in EV charger installations, get required permits, and research available tax credits and utility rebates, Effortless Electric does all this for you in a single, easy package. Our fully licensed and trained electricians are well versed in EV charger installs, ensuring you can be confident of the quality of service.

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We make it simple and easy to install EV chargers by offering both charging hardware and installation solutions. We’ll assess your project, fulfill permit requirements, schedule the installation, and follow up with rebates and incentives. You can sit back, relax, and look forward to fast and convenient charging.

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High-Speed Home Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Arlington, Virginia

Home is the best place to charge an electric vehicle. While it can be nice to top up at work or while shopping, the true convenience of an EV is unlocked with the installation of a Level 2 EV charger. Many people are concerned about their EV’s range but overlook the fact that unlike with gas powered cars, you can refuel every night (or rather, recharge). So with your EV, rather than run the battery down for several days before charging, you have the option of plugging in every night meaning you have the car’s full range at your disposal everyday. Very few people drive 200+ miles a day so for the vast majority of owners, this more than covers their needs for commutes and errands. A Level 2 EV charger requires installation as they need 240V as opposed to standard wall outlets which provide 120V. Charging from a standard 120V wall outlet is known as Level 1 charging and while better than nothing, Level 1 charging is extremely slow. Level 1 charging takes days to fully charge an EV battery whereas Level 2 chargers fully charge EVs overnight. Electricians are required to install Level 2 chargers due to the need for a more powerful circuit, but it is well worth it for the life changing convenience. That said, getting a Level 2 charger doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Effortless Electric strives to make the adoption of plug-in and fully electric vehicles as easy as possible by offering an all in one, full service installation package. We provide hardware such as Chargepoint’s HomeFlex and Enel X’s Juicebox or can install Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) chargers if you have one already. Our experts assess the project and work with you to select the best path for the wiring to meet your desired location for the charger. Our projects always include required permitting so you can trust everything is up to code. We provide instruction on, and can answer questions about how your charger works and how to make the most of its features. Finally, we follow up after the installation with paperwork for tax credits and utility company rebates that you may be eligible for, thereby ensuring you get the best deal for your charger install. Effortless Electric wraps all these steps into a single, simple, easy, effortless package allowing you to focus on the fun and convenience of your new car. Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about our EV charger installations in Arlington, Virginia.

Commercial EV Charger Installation in Arlington, Virginia

Your business can benefit from offering charging to your customer and/or employees. As EVs grow increasingly common, a greater portion of your clientele or employees will see EV charging as an amenity. If a potential customer is deciding between two similar shops and they drive an EV, they will typically choose the one that offers EV charging. Furthermore, these customers tend to spend more time in store as the longer they stay, the more charge they get. Often more time in store correlates to more items purchased. With this in mind, Arlington business owners should consider offering charging as an amenity to attract both customers and employees.

Effortless Electric realizes that you may have concerns about who can access the chargers and how expensive will the electricity be to name but a few. Fortunately, the hardware we offer has advanced software features allowing you to charge users for their use of the charging hardware so you can choose to break even or even charge a premium. Moreover, you can disable the chargers after hours or only allow employees to use them. There are additional configurations as well and we are happy to work with you to ensure that your needs are met. As with our home installations, we can provide charging hardware, pull the necessary permit, perform the installation, provide government and utility incentives information, and help with set-up questions. Contact us today to learn more about our service and to schedule a free quote for your business in Arlington, VA.